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The annals of the Polyurethane Foam Mattress could be traced back to NASA's Ames Research Center. NASA's Ames Research Center borrowed a project to style a mattress foam that will help to relieve pain of the astronauts caused by g-forces back inside the 1970s. NASA thought the foam product must be used to conform to the body's shape. Though developing a mold for the body will help fix the situation, the individual would ultimately move out of the position. About the body, incorrect pressure points will soon be formed consequently. Later, the research group from NASA's Ames Research Center located a way to produce a foam that could adapt the your body's appearance. It's a visco foam that may consistently distribute your body's weight for the foam area. sleepjunkie The finding triggered Fagerdala World Foams of Sweden promote the buyers it and to experiment with it. In 1991, a company situated in Sweden, Tempurpedic bought the people the investigation mattresss foam in Sweden. Next, Tempur Pedic sold the memory mattress foam to the people that live-in Usa and Canada. Tempurpedic's mattress became popular. The success of Tempurpedic had caused the companies to generate their own variations of polyurethane foam beds and sell them towards the local buyers. Polyurethane foam product can be used while the foam memory. The bed manufacurers will include several types of compounds to improve the thickness of the foam. The foam will have greater density, following the substance is added. Besides, producer can put in a visco elastic foam product. The viscoelastic foam is non toxic. The foam fat is detemined by howmuch substances are used within the manufacturing procedure for the foam. Most memoryfoam mattress has a weight of 4 - 5lb. Brighter foam mattress weight inbetween 2 - 3 lb.